Rapid Molecular Diagnostics

Infectious diseases have become a major threat to public health, causing more than 13 million deaths per year, with approximately 50% occurring in developing countries. Advanced Theranostics is addressing the need for 1) faster and more sensitive laboratory diagnostics (30 minutes) and 2) rapid point-of-need (PON) diagnostics (20 minutes) for emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, and home testing. We are developing a universal PON device platform that can be applied to diagnose bacterial or viral infections in 20 minutes.

The Advanced Theranostics PON device is fully disposable, inexpensive, and one-time-use. The final product requires no capital equipment and is no larger than the average cell phone. The technology is formed based on three components; swab release, DNA amplification, and DNA detection.

ATi Tech

Advanced Theranostics has developed a novel method to release pathogen from a swab and lyse the pathogen prior to DNA amplification and detection. This process is entirely hands-free after insertion of the swab into the PON device.

The Advanced Theranostics technology is applicable to hospitals, physicians, sexual infection clinics, food-processing plants, veterinarians, and dentists. This platform technology can be tailored to detect any important pathogen in the future.